The Services We Offer

Blueprints Scanning

AccuScan will pick up your blueprints, sort originals from duplicates, index them according to building name, year and type (plumbing, electrical), scan them and return them. We will then provide the digital blueprints on the media of choice or host on cloud-based software, ImageSilo. Call us today to find out more and for a list of references.

School, County, Municipal, and Manufacturing Records Scanned

Certain types of records are required by law to be permanently kept. Student records and payroll records are two examples. Contact us for a list of what records your organization needs to keep. AccuScan can scan and digitally store these for instant retrieval. Save time, money and space, while disaster-proofing your records.
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Microfilm Conversion

Are you frustrated with your microfilm or fiche reader that is difficult to use and always broken? We can convert your old microfilm to a digital file so that you can instantly find the records needed. No more worrying about your microfilm machine breaking down. Step into the 21st century, go from microfilm to digital, you will never go back to microfilm!

Benefits of Scanning

Information storage is easy; anyone can throw things into a box. Retrieval is where the real power lies: the ability to efficiently sort and retrieve records in a timely, useful manner.

  • Paper takes space and space costs money. Up to 15,000 images (equivalent of a 4-drawer filing cabinet) can fit on a single CD.
  • Electronic data is preserved while paper deteriorates.
  • Portable – Can carry necessary documents with you on a laptop.
  • More than one person can view document at a time.
  • Access to document can also be restricted (over a network).
  • Able to recover from disaster by storing data in more than one physical location.
  • Stop wasting time searching through storage areas or filing cabinets.

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