PaperVision Enterprise

Document Management should be easier. It should be less expensive.

With PaperVision Enterprise, it is. 

PaperVision Enterprise software brings instant access and control to mountains of paper and endless scattered versions of electronic documents. 

PaperVision Enterprise provides unlimited scalability and reliability, vigorous security and state-of-the-art interoperability.

Desktop or web-based access to data – the choice is entirely yours.

For complete flexibility in varied customer scenarios, ranging from out-of-the-box, single-license implementation to the largest global intranet, PaperVision Enterprise includes both desktop client and browser-based document and content management. Either solution is completely customizable and the browser-based solution provides the quickest way to implement Document Management, offering painless deployment across any enterprise.

Papervision enterprise suite

Scalability is unlimited. Reliability is unmatched.

Ingeniously designed, PaperVision Enterprise can run on a single desktop or handle the most demanding requirements of a multinational conglomerate. The same application can reliably scale across multiple application servers, web servers and database servers, all of which can be leveraged, tiered and load-balanced to fit organizations of any size, but there is no artificial requirement to do so. All supporting components are included, even with a single concurrent license.

Security is uncompromising.

The PaperVision Enterprise Administration Console provides airtight security configurations for all customers, while the application provides function-level verification on every transaction. Full support for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is built-in, along with site-specific security measures such as IP address limiting, session source persistence and more. Additionally, three layers of application-level security ensures that users are granted appropriate access only to the required functionality and data. External users can also be granted limited, temporary access to specific data through the use of document grants without elaborate security modifications.

Features and Functions

PaperVision Enterprise supports viewing of over 250 file types, from graphics to word processing to presentations. CAD drawings, spreadsheets, scanned pages and Adobe® PDF files can be seamlessly viewed as one contiguous document. By providing powerful check-in/check-out and versioning controls, PaperVision ensures that users are working on the latest, most accurate version. Designed to assist users in addressing government and industry regulations such as HIPAA for healthcare or FDA 21CFR Part 11, extensive audit trails provide detailed security logs and specifics regarding productivity and utilization. A highly advanced full-text search engine makes finding documents easier and faster. Email, fax and print are supported, as are migration tools for data portability.

PaperVision Enterprise can stand alone or contribute as part of an overall solution.

A comprehensive set of API tools allows programmers to select their preferred method of third party integration or simplified customization. Developers will appreciate the option of making calls via web services or COM interfaces, as well as a number of versatile ActiveX (OCX) controls. All are included with every single license at no additional charge, along with detailed and complete documentation. Additionally, desktop and web-client source code are freely distributed to simplify your integration efforts.


  • Centralized administration console for all administrative functions does not require the use of a client access license
  • Includes web server for either thick- or thin-client installation with identical functionality
  • Includes embedded MSDE database server and full support for Microsoft® SQL Server
  • Support for multiple companies allows for simplified administration in hosting environments
  • Native viewing of over 250 file types allows you access to any document
  • Versioning and check-in/check-out functions include detailed tracking and simplified roll-back
  • Up to 200 unique index fields can be defined for each document
  • Full-text search engine supports synonym, stemming, fuzzy logic, proximity, Boolean, natural language and word weighting options with results displayed in statistically ranked order
  • Easy-to-read documentation with separate manuals for administrators, developers and end-users
  • All upgrades are included with annual maintenance, ensuring access to the latest product features and benefits


  • Full support for hardware load-balancing and Windows® Network Load Balancing provides additional reliability and scalability
  • Innovative support for process redirection to offload processor-intensive activity to specialized servers
  • Automation service improves productivity by automating tasks that do not require user intervention
  • Database scaling allows use of multiple database servers for unprecedented scalability
  • Back-end session generation allows load-balancing without the need for persistence
  • Extensive use of web services provides deep integration and cross-platform compatibility
  • Support for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and non-standard ports ensures data transmission security
  • Session source validation and IP address limiting guarantees users can access the system only from authorized locations
  • Automatic session termination eliminates a user.s session when it sits idle
  • Function-level security verification is performed for every call made to PaperVision, whether from the application or through API calls
  • Security policy administration tools include account lockouts, password expiration and password requirements
  • User and group level security policies limit access to projects and functionality within projects
  • Document-level security limits access to specific documents
  • Extensive audit trails and disclosure data gathering assist in complying with industry and government regulations, including HIPAA for the healthcare industry, 21CFR Part 11 for FDA regulations and more
  • Document Grants allow external users limited access to specified resources or documents
  • Optional Advanced Administration Pack component provides flexible, anytime-anywhere administration of system and security settings and state-of-the-art replication capabilities for peace of mind
  • Automated Report Archiving allows you to decide how many entries are retained, while the rest are archived automatically
  • Optional workflow module with easy-to-use graphical interface simplifies creation of workflow processes

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